Digital Whiteboard

Digital Whiteboard

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Digital Whiteboard

The Samsung Interactive Display delivers incredible collaborative capabilities for both classrooms and meeting spaces.


UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY WITH IMMERSIVE TOUCH TECHNOLOGY incorporated into the Samsung 75-inch 4K Advanced Digital Whiteboard that offers a smooth, natural pen to paper writing experience. Sketch out ideas with swift drawing speed or paint with real-world accuracy directly onto the display.

Designed for the education market, this unique display concept is now finding its way into business environments where collaboration and client discovery processes can be fleshed out in real time, whether in a group setting such as a conference room, or with remote audiences who are still able to mark up the whiteboard remotely from any mobile device, anywhere on the planet. This intuitive digital whiteboard is also the ultimate home office tool, whether for business or home schooling.

It all begins with the screen surface of the Samsung Interactive Display. The surface is treated with an antimicrobial coating to protect the panel from degradation. The shatter-resistant glass reduces the hazards of shattering glass in the classroom, office or home.

The display distinguishes between inputs from thin or thick pencils to simulate on-screen writing or highlighting. You can even simply erase content with your finger or palm. So people can take notes, annotate onto photos, documents, web browsers and applications, then save and share.

For classroom or business presentations, you are able to deliver interactive, multimedia content offline or online using your choice of Boxlight’s presentation software. The display also gives you the capability to open Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe PDF files directly with built-in document viewing, ensuring easy access regardless of the content source. Or surf the web with the touch of a finger. With an embedded web browser, searching the web is quick and easy.

Collaboration has no limit. With the Interactive Display, up to 20 touches can write/edit at the same time for simultaneous collaboration and productive team work. The intuitive user interface is suitable for virtually all ages, providing easy-to-use navigation features and a touch display.


NAD M10 V2
Collaboration has no limit. With the Interactive Display, up to 20 touches can write/edit at the same time for simultaneous collaboration and productive teamwork.

painting mode and image editing

The Digital Whiteboard allows you to get creative with multiple brush and color medium options such as water color, oil paint and more. With a full, vibrant color palette and multiple brushes to choose from, every idea will shine. Quickly and easily select, move, crop, capture and edit any images. Merge any image into your note roll with just a click of a button, allowing the image to be edited or erased. For the truly creative mind, every idea deserves a unique brush stroke.

With four times the resolution of Full HD, the Samsung Interactive Display 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 display ensures
clarity and delivers breathtaking visuals. Every presentation, every image and every video you share will be reproduced clearly and accurately. And following any meeting, you can immediately distribute recaps to all participants, removing the frustration traditionally associated with handwritten notes. Simply capture and store content to easily share across mobile and digital channels in real time.

Digital Whiteboard

Flip it

Samsung also offers a range of Flip 2 interactive displays that resemble a flipchart. So vertical displays might fit your installation better, and with the Samsung flip board you can expand presentation capabilities for all types of meetings, trainings and brainstorming sessions.

Finally, the Samsung Interactive Display ensures confidential information remains in the right hands. With a reinforced, six-digit lock system, you are able to safeguard sensitive content, lock the display and remove critical content from view. You can also remotely control critical display settings including turning the display on or off, changing the PIN code, lock the network or USB port, and enable automatic firmware updates for convenient management.

There is a lot going on with the Samsung Interactive Whiteboard Display. From school room to board room to home offices, this is the latest way to share ideas and create compelling narratives.