Wood Alternatives

WooDoo is a carbon-efficient materials company that strives to change the world by enabling the transition to sustainable solutions.

THE FRENCH COMPANY WOODOO is the inventor of augmented wood, a bio-engineering revolution that constitutes a sustainable alternative to many families of materials whose use must be rethought or drastically reduced, such as plastics, concrete, aluminum, glass, leather, etc.

Since time immemorial, wood has been humanity’s favorite material. We are convinced that it is time to make wood the material of the 21st century. That is why WooDoo transcends the exceptional intelligence of nature thanks to high technology to face the shortage of resources (sand, metals…) and the environmental imperatives of our time.

WooDoo’s materials foreshadow the future of tactile surfaces, packaging, luxury goods and smart cities:

• WooDoo SLIM, a translucent, tactile and light sheet of wood, is ideal for man-machine interfaces and connected or backlit automotive interiors

• WooDoo STACK, a high-density wood block, is moisture and fire resistant and 300 percent stronger: it is the solution for building the wooden towers of tomorrow, and already today for many applications in packaging, design, furniture, luxury goods, etc.

Bio-based materials are a promising solution for generating a significant positive impact on our environment. Timothée Boitouzet, CEO and founder of WooDoo, has made this his top priority, combining architectural studies in Japan with studies in the chemistry, physics and molecular biology of wood at Harvard and MIT. The company’s products take advantage of cellulose-based nanotechnology to invent wood materials that are very strong, weatherproof, fire resistant and as translucent as amber.

How does the magic happen?

WooDoo selectively extracts lignin and replaces it with patented specialty polymers. These new materials have unparalleled mechanical strength, durability, fire resistance and optical properties. As a substitute for traditional building components with high emission levels, WooDoo’s biomaterials consume 17 times less energy than glass, 130 times less than steel and 475 times less than aluminum.

So what are we waiting for to de-carbonize construction and industry?

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