Mitsubishi Zoned Heat Pump Systems

A variety of mini-split air-conditioning and heat pump system options to best meet the needs of a home office.

YOUR HOME OFFICE has likely seen more use in the past year than ever before. Whether you’re working remotely, flexing your hours between work and home, or using this space to manage your family’s activities, home offices are in demand.

As many hours as you log behind the desk, your home office has to function for you. A quiet, comfortable space is essential; nothing is worse than sweating while you’re on a Zoom call. That’s where the right heating and air-conditioning system can make all the difference.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions® offer a variety of mini-split air-conditioning and heat pump system options to best meet the needs of a home office. If you’re converting an unconditioned space to an office, a single-zone system will best meet your needs. This consists of one indoor unit and one outdoor condenser unit connected by small refrigerant lines. The indoor unit can be ducted or ductless, the latter being ideal if you don’t have connecting ductwork already in place, saving you additional material costs.

If you’re designing a new home with a dedicated office or retrofitting several rooms, a multi-zone system should be considered. This system design consists of one outdoor condenser unit and up to eight indoor units connected via small refrigerant lines. Again, you can choose ducted or ductless indoor unit options for extra design flexibility. For example, if your office is a converted sitting room on the first floor of your home with an adjacent formal dining room, your contractor can use a ducted solution to condition both areas adequately and efficiently.

One trend that’s become increasingly popular is converting a carriage house, backyard shed or room over the garage into a designated home office or studio. A single-zone system would be ideal for this scenario to provide ultimate comfort. With just an indoor unit and outdoor condenser unit required, installation can be fast. Not to mention, any mini-split air-conditioning or heat pump system you choose, whether single-zone or multi-zone, offers the same benefits:

• Energy-efficient operation: The outdoor INVERTER-driven compressor only uses the precise amount of energy required to meet the desired temperature. Additionally, as these systems are zoned, you can set back or completely turn off the indoor units when not in use. Do you not even set foot in your office on the weekend? Turn off the indoor unit, and you won’t pay to condition the unoccupied space.

• Ultra-quiet sound levels: Mini-split air-conditioning and heat pump systems are engineered to reduce sound. Both the indoor and outdoor units are ultra-quiet. The “hum” or “kick on” sound of the old heating and cooling system can be a thing of the past.

• Moisture mitigation: Mini-splits, when designed to the proper load, can provide additional moisture control to help protect your belongings and leave a drier, more comfortable space.


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