Kaleidescape Compact Terra 18TB

Kaleidescape Announces New Compact Terra Movie Server 


Kaleidescape Announces New Compact Terra Movie Server 

Mid-level 18-terabyte server delivers more storage, faster download speeds and flexibility to scale.

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KALEIDESCAPE REPRESENTS THE FINEST PRIVATE CINEMA PLAYBACK EXPERIENCE bar none. Unlike your streaming services – Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, etc. – that compress the video signal from their studios to your home, Kaleidescape delivers lossless movie and viewing content that can easily be distributed across any residential platform. The company has announced the availability of the Kaleidescape compact Terra 18TB movie server. Extending the Terra server product line, the Kaleidescape Terra 18TB is available from Kaleidescape’s authorized dealer network.  

“Kaleidescape is committed to offering products in a vast array of storage sizes, showing our ongoing effort to meet a wide range of Kaleidescape customer needs,” said Tayloe Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape. “The new Kaleidescape compact Terra 18TB can store up to 300 4K movies with download speeds equivalent to the larger Kaleidescape four-drive Terra servers. With 50 percent more storage than the recently introduced Kaleidescape compact Terra 12TB, it’s the perfect mid-level addition to our Terra product line.”   


With the power to download feature-length 4K movies in as little as 10 minutes on gigabit internet and support up to five simultaneous 4K movie playbacks on different projectors and TVs around the house, the Terra 18TB is ideal for customers looking to make an investment with a mid-level Kaleidescape system that can instantly play their favorite movies, television shows and music events.  As with all Kaleidescape products, customers can incrementally increase storage by adding more movie servers, choosing from the compact Terra 12TB, compact Terra 18TB, Terra 24TB, Terra 48TB or Terra 72TB. This allows the customer’s storage capacity to easily grow over time along with their collection of content. 

The Kaleidescape Terra is the foundation of a multi-room Kaleidescape Strato movie player system, designed from the ground up to deliver an unparalleled private cinema experience. Designed with a similar profile to a Strato C movie player, the Terra 18TB can be mounted beside a Strato C in a 1U rack space, using Kaleidescape’s custom rack mount for efficient shelf storage.   

Terra 18TB is also an ideal add-on to an existing Strato S, to provide more storage, increase download performance, or support additional playback zones.   

The Kaleidescape Terra 18TB movie server will be priced at $9,995. Accompanying Strato C players are priced at $2,995 each.  

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