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Focused on Solutions


Focused on Solutions

Draper disappeared from the CI channel a few years ago to concentrate on commercial systems, but now they're back in the residential business.

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DRAPER, INC. WAS FOUNDED BY LUTHOR DRAPER in 1902 to manufacture window shades for schools. That was their primary product for the next 60 years. In 1957 they secured a patent on an inexpensive classroom projection screen, marking their entrance into the screen business. Products closely related to projection screens – rear projection display systems, video projector lifts, AV mounts and presentation easels – are part of a wide product range at Draper. They have a gymnasium equipment division as well, and today they continue to enjoy steady growth as they have for the past 119 years. Draper products are shipped to dealers throughout the United States and more than 100 foreign countries.

Draper disappeared from the CI channel a few years ago to concentrate on their commercial businesses. Business was and continues to boom, and they now feel that they are properly aligned to re-engage with the CI/residential systems integration business with a range of their products.

With 700+ employees bringing 8,000 years of collective experience to every project, Draper’s teams and hi-tech equipment produce high-quality and high-performing solutions across these disciplines that are found in the CI channel:

Projection screens | Lifts and mounts for projection | Mounts and structures for displays | Indoor and outdoor window shades | Solar control solutions

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The Foundation
Of particular interest to the TD team at CEDIA Expo, was the Foundation product line of Direct View LED mounting systems. Here’s our own take on the description and importance of this product and the role Draper will be playing in future performance home large-format display artistry:

As we have been reporting on for several years, today’s TV has morphed into a new product referred to as Direct View LED and/or microLED. There are individual LED panels measuring approximately 2 x 3 feet which can be combined to create displays of almost any size and shape. These video walls are the future of imagery in performance homes – yes, they will be used for movies and Super Bowls, but they will also be used for digital art and other immersive experiences. Of critical importance is the alignment of the individual panels to create a seamless viewing display. We can’t emphasize this point enough – any visible seam can ruin the experience, as the illusion of a seamless display can crumble without 100 percent true alignment.


Enter Draper
Draper has years of experience creating solutions for mounting LED display walls in the commercial sector. Rigorous engineering and product construction is the hallmark of Draper’s product line and they bring this experience and passion to the exacting world of residential display design.

Draper’s Foundation Mount System offers an economical and configurable wall mount incorporating features specifically designed to benefit systems integrators and technology designers. Built-in precision simplifies installation challenges providing a speedy install. The supplied alignment fixture tools ensure critical components are positioned perfectly for seamless installation of LED panels, helping to eliminate the need for realignment. Keyhole attachments and high precision Y and Z axis adjustments provide quick and precise LED video wall installation even on non-flat wall surfaces.

For more info, visit Draper at Home.

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