Cool Stuff at the Show

Here are a few products that caught our eye based on design and functionality.

Jabra is a Danish brand specializing in audio equipment, and more recently videoconferencing systems. It is owned by GN Audio, which is part of the Danish company, GN Group. Jabra engineers, manufactures and markets wireless, true wireless and corded headphones for consumers and business customers. One of the products that really impressed us was the PanaCast 50, engineered to be the first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar. This product renders 180 degree Panoramic 4K video with a real-time whiteboard content camera stream, certified for MS Teams, Zoom and MTR & Zoom. The audio performance is also captivating, an all-in-one conferencing tool that will be perfect for when in-house teams collaborate with stay-at-home employees.


Retro only begins to describe the Vestaboard product. This messaging display is the antithesis of digital signage and brings an element of fun and spectacle to messaging that is amazing to look at and oddly inspiring in its analog roots. Vestaboard is beautiful and captivating, and it creates a focal point and a shared messaging experience that communicates what matters. And no matter where you are, your mobile device controls Vestaboard from anywhere to send messages that make a difference at the right time. With Vestaboard, you can inspire family or team members by easily sending messages from anywhere. iOS, Android, and cloud apps for use on any device. Pre-schedule, sync or automate messages.

  • Vestaboard will inspire the people important to you. Not a digital screen.
  • Displays up to 132 characters at a time including all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Backed by a two-year warranty and dedicated support. Easy to set up and use.
  • Winner of a Red Dot Design Award for 2021.

Airborne transmission is a significant source of infection, from Covid to the common cold. Scuva helps neutralize this threat in the home, office or car by utilizing powerful UVC light to inactivate 99 percent of harmful airborne pathogens in less than one hour. Here’s a run down of the product line-up:

C100 | The fastest acting Scuva device for automobiles and small space applications, able to disinfect a 100-cubic-foot space in under five minutes.

T400 | A tabletop air disinfection solution that’s quiet, safe and effective – perfect for retail, restaurants, schools and other institutions.

G10K | A freestanding device can simply be plugged in and positioned as desired to rid spaces up to 10,000 cubic feet of airborne pathogens.


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