CEDIA latest trends

A Glimpse of the Future


A Glimpse of the Future

A look at the recent CEDIA Expo trade show in Indianapolis, including new players and technologies entering our space.

By Douglas Weinstein

CEDIA the latest trends

WOW! THAT’S ABOUT THE ONLY WORD I CAN COME UP with to describe my trade show experience at the recent CEDIA Expo held the beginning of September in Indianapolis. Weeks prior to the event, most of the big players – Sony, Samsung, LG, Crestron, Savant, etc. – pulled the plug on exhibiting due to the uncertainties surrounding the recent Delta surge. So expectations were lowered. But at the end of the day, I got so much out of attending and besides the fun of catching up with old friends, I came away with a lot of excellent content and had the opportunity to spend quality time with vendors to learn more about where they are headed with product innovations.

So for this month’s newsletter, our team will be bringing you a few snapshots of products, observations, trends and what we learned at Expo.

One of the coolest new brands I met with was a software company named SpatialX. These are some really, really smart people and they are beginning to deploy sophisticated soundscapes both commercially – theme parks, large commercial spaces – as well as residentially. Click on the article to learn more about Spatial, and how we see them fitting into the performance home landscape.


Draper is back in the CI channel. Many of you with experience in the channel will remember them, mainly as it pertained to their filmscreen business. But they got so big commercially that they backed away from residential to concentrate their efforts on the business at hand. Now they are re-emerging in our space and they bring their 150 years of shade experience – indoor and outdoor – as well as screens and most importantly for TD, the absolute pinnacle in direct view LED mounting hardware. More on this in their special article.

We’ll also highlight a few amazing products that aren’t necessarily meant for everyone – but for those with imagination looking to separate themselves from the herd, we’ll talk about Vestaboard and Jabra and Kinetics.

So thanks for tuning in this month and on with the show!

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