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Publishers’ Letter – Summmer 2021

pUBLISHERS' LETTER - Summer 2021

Expanding the boundaries of the performance home

Design-build professionals work together to bring clean air, purified water, refined acoustics, illumination and wellness to the forefront of modern smart homes.

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WELCOME TO OUR SUMMER 2021 ISSUE, which will see a great deal of strategic bonus distribution at CEDIA Expo 2021 — our first major trade show since early 2020. We’ve packed this issue with tons of articles that cover the wide range of technologies that support design-build strategies in today’s performance home.

And speaking of CEDIA Expo, we’ll be presenting several panels that talk about performance homes and how design-build professionals work together to bring clean air, purified water, refined acoustics, illumination and wellness to the forefront of modern smart homes. On Thursday morning our Editor Douglas Weinstein will be moderating a panel on the Smart Stage that talks about design-build collaboration, and that evening Technology Designer will be hosting a special invitation-only event at CEDIA’s Indianapolis headquarters where we will entertain architects and designers along with some of our industry colleagues.

You’ll also discover our team online, starting with a three-part podcast we participated in with the New York chapter of the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA), as well as our participation in an interesting Zero Carbon Footprint experiment that we will be reporting on in the near future. The end result is that we are one of the very few publications that covers the extensive range of performance home methodologies and we’re being asked to partner with a wide range of organizations that have an interest in how their businesses are impacted by what’s going on in the most modern, healthiest environments.

As the extent of the consequences of today’s and tomorrow’s climate change become more apparent, terms like sustainability and resilience are finding their way into more and more marketing campaigns – but what do we really mean when we talk about resiliency? And what are sustainable products? And for that matter, what is a healthy environment?

Those are the stories we’re telling and why we are leaders in the performance home sector. It’s not just because technology plays a role in each of the methodologies, it’s because technology is impacting design choices and the need for experts in the field of residential and commercial technology must be at the table for the early design discussions that define scope and vision.

Enjoy this special issue of the magazine and we’ll continue to explore, define and report on the cutting-edge technologies that continue to expand the boundaries of the performance home. We’ll see you in print, online and live in Indianapolis to kick around ideas and talk about that intersection where technology meets design.


Technology Designer


Steven Weber


Ilene Chase