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An end-to-end service that finds, vets, trains on fundamentals, and connects high potential candidates with integration firms.


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THROUGHOUT THE PANDEMIC, the luxury home market and technology installation market experienced significant growth. Geographic relocation, an increase in second home purchases, some bunker mentality and low interest rates relative to investment returns all played significant roles in this growth. Luxury home demand exploded.

With that explosion, system integrators were overwhelmed and projects began to back up with no slowdown foreseen. Like many industries, there was a worker shortage and more technicians were needed. While not exclusive to technology design and system integration firms, it is in need of a solution. Demand for technology in today’s modern performance homes continues to expand and delivering on these opportunities is a challenge.

That’s why an innovative initiative makes sense and is underway: PrepTECH. This new venture is built on many years of industry experience, and business coaching veteran Paul Starkey has joined me in leading this effort. PrepTECH is an end-to-end service that finds, vets, trains on fundamentals, and connects high potential candidates with integration firms.

Pre-qualifying the talent and preparing novice workers to connect with ready-to-hire employers is a strong combination for success. Our belief in offering scholarships is shared and supported by industry sponsors who see the advantage of expanding the “pie” through increased installation capacity.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, PrepTECH plans to offer 50 new graduates in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Five more locations will be added by June, 2022, propelling PrepTECH to a national presence. The economic impact of this program is substantial. It is estimated that every 1,000 technicians added yields $240 million in client level sales. PrepTECH estimates current demand exceeds 2,000 technicians spread across more than 5,000 integration companies nationwide.

Addressing the home technology worker shortage has become important to almost every small business owner in the systems integration industry. As more and more advancements are incorporated into modern homes – technology supporting wellness, living in place and other trends in the design-build arena – more and more technicians will be needed to facilitate the integration process. PrepTECH is just one example of manpower creation in these changing times.


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Helen M. Heneveld is co-founder of PrepTECH and founder of Bedrock Learning, an online technology training company. With 30+ years serving the low voltage, security, electrical and custom integration fields, she is a recognized pioneer, author and leader in the industry.