New Products at CEDIA

New Products at CEDIA Expo 2021


New Products at CEDIA Expo 2021

Here are some of the newest products that will be on display at CEDIA Expo 2021 in Indianapolis.

New Products at CEDIA Expo 2021

Chief Koncīs™ Series Monitor Mounts for the Home Office
Available in single- and dual-monitor configurations, Chief's Koncīs™ Series delivers flexible, cost-effective workspace solutions that combine sleek aesthetics with advanced functionality to ensure optimal productivity in the home office. Offered with silver and black finishes to complement a variety of environments, the mounts are equipped with premium gas springs to deliver smooth, dynamic height adjustment. For effortless monitor tilting, the units feature patented Centris Extreme Tilt technology with +65° to -10° of fingertip tilt adjustment. In addition, a 180° arm rotation stop protects walls and furniture panels from over-rotation.

Chief Koncīs™ Series Monitor Mounts for the Home Office

Da-Lite Agility™ Battery Motor
The Da-Lite Agility™ Battery Motor for the Tensioned Designer Contour® Electrol® and Designer Contour Electrol ceiling- or wall-mounted electric screens is ideal for retrofit installations that require a flexible alternative to hardwiring. The motor features a lithium-ion battery that lasts over 200 cycles on a single charge via its micro-USB port, while a PoE 5V micro-USB adapter accessory is available to keep it charged between uses. The battery allows for wireless handheld remote operation and screen surfaces up to 16K-ready. A WiFi Bridge accessory enables connection to a mobile app, while allowing for control through a third-party device.

Luxul Epic Mesh and
ProWatch+ Cloud Management Solution

Luxul's Epic Mesh kit comes with two tri-band dual-purpose mesh nodes that can each serve as either a router or satellite node and require no wired link between them. Simple to install, integrators turn one of the two nodes into a router using the Luxul Easy Setup App. The other node becomes the satellite, which is plugged into any available outlet.

With ProWatch+, integrators can now access their customers' Epic Mesh networks via an intuitive web interface or the ProWatch app from anywhere. Site-level indicators provide the status of connected devices, and allow for remote reboot, power cycling, and the availability of firmware updates; while alerts notify integrators of issues via push notifications, text, or email.

Middle Atlantic Power UPS-SC600 Battery Backup System
Featuring six surge-protected outlets, with three connected to a battery backup system, Middle Atlantic's UPS-SC600 is a compact solution for protecting electronics during a power loss or surge event. Small enough to fit in a metal or plastic structured wiring enclosure, the unit features a special mounting stud pattern that aligns with most enclosure models — eliminating the need for zip ties — and a slim profile that allows a door to be added without any obstruction.

On-Q Dual-Purpose In-Wall Enclosures
When placed behind a TV, the On-Q Dual-Purpose In-Wall Enclosures are designed to conveniently house cable boxes, streaming players, and more. The 17-inch solution is also compatible with the popular 4K and 8K Samsung One-Connect Box, while its split cover was designed for use with split-rail TV mounts. When used as enclosures for structured wiring, the Dual-Purpose In-Wall Enclosures provide a centralized area to store video, voice, and data components. The in-wall boxes' WiFi-transparent ABS plastic construction ensures a strong signal from ISP modems/wireless routers. The 17-inch solution's split cover accommodates tight installations, enabling users to access components without obstructions.

SANUS Premium Advanced Tilt VLT7-B2
The SANUS VLT7 Advanced Tilt 4D TV wall mount is unique in that it allows mounted displays to be tilted in four different directions. Compatible with TVs from 42 inches to 90 inches and offering a slim industrial design, the mount swivels right and left up to 15 degrees to provide a wider viewing area, while extending 6.8 inches from the wall for maximum tilt and ease of access to cabling. Delivering the ultimate user experience, the VLT7's scissor mechanism provides smooth in, out, and swivel motions, while its Virtual Axis™ Fingertip tilt feature allows for easy display adjustment.

Somfy Sonesse 28 WireFree RTS External Battery Motor
Somfy, the world’s largest manufacturer of tubular motors for interior window coverings and exterior solar protections, is pleased to introduce the Sonesse 28 WireFree RTS External Battery Motor. The newest addition to Somfy’s Designed for Silence wire-free motor range features a compact size and smaller diameter motor head. This makes the Sonesse 28 WireFree RTS External Battery Motor a great fit for the motorization of smaller windows.

Somfy Sonesse 28 WireFree RTS External Battery Motor

Draper Acumen® Recharge
Motorized projection screens are a convenient and versatile solution whether you have a dedicated home theater or a multi-purpose family room. But cost, conditions, or aesthetics can keep some homeowners from saying “yes” to motorization. Draper® has a solution for that! The battery-powered Acumen® Recharge Acumen® Recharge will be on display at CEDIA Expo 2021. The Acumen Recharge installs like a manual screen. Simply attach the mounting brackets and install the screen case. There’s no wiring or electrician to worry about thanks to the lithium-ion battery located inside the roller. The motor only needs to be recharged about every 500 cycles, but you don’t have to wait. You can leave the Recharge plugged in all the time—an automatic shutoff guarantees there will be no battery damage. Acumen Recharge can optionally connect with PoE to stay permanently charged.

Draper Acumen Recharge

JBL L75ms Integrated Music System
For most modern listeners, streaming audio provides easy and convenient access to an entire world of music, and for them the JBL L75ms is the perfect solution. The integrated streaming engine provides both wired and wireless network audio capabilities via Ethernet, Google Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth audio. A 32-bit/192kHz high-resolution DAC ensures their favorite music comes across with the highest fidelity. In addition to premium wireless audio, the L75ms provides a number of connections for physical sources, including a 3.5mm analog input. For vinyl lovers, there is a moving magnet (MM) phono stage for connecting a turntable, and there is an HDMI ARC input for great movie and gaming sound when connected to a television. For even more acoustic impact, there is a dedicated signal-sensing subwoofer output for connecting to an external powered subwoofer. Everything is provided to create a truly great sound system without taking up a lot of space.

Proficient® Protege Rock and Planter Loudspeakers
Nortek Control today announced the introduction of Proficient® Protege rock and planter loudspeakers that are designed to blend into their surroundings while bringing our renowned high-quality speaker sound to outdoor spaces. The two new Proficient rock speakers (PAS-RS6 and PAS-RS8i ) are available in granite, speckled granite, sandstone and shale brown. The new planter speaker (PAS-PS6i ) comes in a natural weathered concrete finish and is designed to be used with live plants.

Access Networks ARCC (Advanced, Resilient Cloud Controller)
Access Networks continues to evolve its enterprise-grade networking solutions with the introduction of a cloud-based configuration and management platform. The next-generation cloud-based wireless controller, ARCC (Advanced, Resilient Cloud Controller) , is built on Ruckus architecture and delivers a new level of simplicity during deployment, a higher level of control with more tools to customize each job, and a lower cost of entry for industry leading capabilities. ARCC enables networks to be easily managed remotely, facilitating quick and easy remediation and firmware updates to reduce truck rolls, streamline workflow, and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, ARCC can provide integrators with a solid source of recurring revenue.

Screen Innovations Kratos Power Supply
Screen Innovations is a leading motorized shading and screen manufacturer that not only listens to its worldwide team of integrators but uses their recommendations and suggestions as inspiration for the development of many of its new products and technologies. The most recent introduction to springboard from dealer input is SI’s Kratos power supply). The compact, all-metal, ultra-efficient, 250-watt, plenum-rated power supply provides integrators an affordable solution that leverages the installation ease, quiet operation, and compact footprint of SI’s new line of Zigbee 3.0-compliant low-voltage shade motors, as well as RTS systems. Dramatically less expensive than competing power supplies, Kratos carries a suggested retail price of $389, which for dealers ends up costing less than five Starbucks coffees to power each of eight motors powered by the unit. Bottom line: By utilizing Kratos, integrators can deploy low-voltage shading solutions at a lower cost than ever before.

Screen Innovations Kratos

D-Tools Cloud
D-Tools, the worldwide leader in data-driven systems integration software, will showcase its new visual quoting capabilities available through its award-winning D-Tools Cloud platform. D-Tools Cloud's visual quoting capabilities bring projects to life with stunning multimedia proposals – from any mobile device – and make it easy for sales teams to collaborate and engage with clients in real-time, getting them involved in the design process and improving client communications.

D-Tools Cloud is a powerful yet easy-to-implement multi-OS, web-based SaaS solution accessible from any web-enabled device. D-Tools' next-generation, end-to-end platform offers sales pipeline management, on-the-fly estimating from any mobile device, intelligent visual quoting, interactive system design presentations, change orders, product procurement using supplier-authorized dealer-specific pricing, and a new project management suite.

D-Tools Cloud

Leon Speakers Terra LuminSound TrLs50
With activities and social gatherings continuing to be focused outdoors, the demand for outdoor audio is stronger than ever, and Leon offers home systems integrators a unique approach to this burgeoning market with the introduction of a design-friendly, dual-purpose outdoor speaker. The Terra LuminSound TrLs50 is a revamped version of its popular Ls10 outdoor speaker, offering the same high-fidelity performance and handcrafted components as before but with a contemporary new exterior design and six new finish options to perfectly complement any outdoor environment.

“Since merging with Terra a few years ago, we’ve been working to bring some design changes to our outdoor line and the all-new LuminSound goes beyond what you’ve come to expect from an outdoor speaker,” says Noah Kaplan, Leon founder and president. “The new models feature aluminum cabinets that are slender and more stylized than the Ls10 predecessor, and we’ve made customization easier by introducing a line of premium finishes that were selected to blend in with a variety of regional landscapes.”

Incorporating audio and lighting in one compact, IP67-rated enclosure, Terra LuminSound provides premium sound in a discreet, aesthetically-appealing package that is designed and built to withstand even the harshest climates. It’s available with or without LED lighting and stands 13” tall with the option to upgrade to a taller, bollard version that can also incorporate path lighting. The TrLs50 provides integrators with three mounting options to suit any installation: spike, in-ground, and hardscape, and like all Terra products, it is handcrafted in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Leon Speakers Terra LuminSound TrLs50