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NEWS - JULY 2021


Pine Gate Renewables works to preserve the land on which solar farms exist to help animals and plants thrive.

Pine Gate Renewables solar farm

PINE GATE RENEWABLES is a growing powerhouse utility-scale solar company incorporating strategic development, financing, construction and long-term operational management of renewable energy projects across the country. By partnering with local communities, they are driving growth and job creation while making a positive impact on the environment.

Project Work
Pine Gate operates 79 solar projects that account for more than 770MW of energy and have more than 12GW in active development.

Bowman Solar is located in Orangeburg County, South Carolina spanning 651 acres, generating 101-megawatts and is one of the largest solar sites in the state. Bowman solar generates enough energy to power approximately 14,400 homes annually.

Page Solar is a 1.8MW project in Willow Springs, North Carolina and the site was specifically chosen as a test site for wildlife-permeable fencing because of its proximity to sizable areas of forestlands, where there is a high density of species compared to solar farms surround by agriculture or property development.


Working with and partnering with communities is the future of sustainable energy projects, as the combined financial investment and resulting savings is shared among the beneficiaries who live in the community.

Pine Gate is focused on making an impact locally and environmentally through five core initiatives that include environmental impact, reforestation, global and local community support and a green energy footprint.

Getting Solar Done

SolarCulture™ is Pine Gate Renewables’ trademarked initiative to preserve the land on which solar farms exist to help animals and plants thrive. With wildlife-permeable fencing at seven of their operational farms, they have instituted a policy for it to be installed at all future sites. This fencing means that small animals like rabbits, foxes and racoons can get through and populate the environment. Additionally, they have incorporated pollinator habitats and native seed plantings to ensure the land’s longevity. Finally, their apiary at the Eagle Point farm in Oregon has 57 beehives and is the largest solar farm apiary in the country.

Pine Gate Renewables. Sustainable and resilient. A company to watch. Find out more here. 

Pine Gate Renewables Centerfield, South Carolina
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