Savant Music

Savant Music: The Music Experience for the Smart Homeowner

NEWS - JUNE 2021

Savant Music: The Music Experience for the Smart Homeowner

With a whole new look and feel, the Savant Music experience now offers a personalized dashboard plus the ability to search and create playlists across multiple music services.

By George McClure

Svant Music

THE REDESIGNED SAVANT MUSIC APP welcomes users to an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. Customizable dashboards allow users to effortlessly control multiple streaming services, including Spotify Connect, Deezer, Pandora, Plex, Sirius XM, Tidal and Tune In, personalize volume levels and access recently played content and favorites all on the home screen. Clients can access the Savant Music Experience through the Savant Pro app, add lighting, security, climate and energy offerings to create a completely unified control experience.

Personalized Music Dashboard
Users can save their playlists, favorites and preferred streaming services to the music dashboard for quick recall. They’re also able to search by track title, album, artist, or any other keyword, across all streaming services at once — all from one simple interface. Get right to the music you want, right away.

Spotify Connect
Bring together two of the best music experiences with Savant Music and Spotify Connect. Set Default Rooms, search and create playlists, even select Savant as an endpoint inside of Spotify.

A supreme music experience deserves high-quality home audio hardware. That’s why Deezer HiFi has recently been fully integrated into the Savant Music experience. Starting today, you can fill your home with the music of your choice, in lossless audio quality, through Savant’s award-winning smart home audio products.

The Deezer HiFi experience with Savant allows you to:

• Play Deezer HiFi on any Savant enabled audio product to experience exceptional sound quality
• Search for and play a song directly from the Savant app. Simply type in your favorite artist to discover albums, tracks and more in one easy-to-navigate app experience
• Wake up to your favorite tunes, party to the best playlists or listen to relaxing music
• Savant “scenes” include music settings as well as lighting, shading, and other entertainment settings. Press one button to activate multiple devices and create the perfect mood for any occasion
• Control all of your music from on all mobile devices, Savant Remotes and in-wall touch screens
• Create a unique personalized dashboard experience on the app of favorite albums, artists, playlists, podcasts and more