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Bathroom Essentials

Séura mirrors bridge the gap between design and technology.

By Stephanie Casimiro

Seura TV Mirror

SÉURA IS AN AWARD-WINNING COMPANY founded in 2003 by the husband and wife team, Gretchen and Tim Gilbertson. The company is focused on bridging the gap between design and technology with their line of lighted mirrors, mirror TVs and outdoor TV products. In fact, they’d like to eliminate the gap entirely. I had the pleasure of interviewing Gretchen to learn more about their new full-length lighted mirror and her views on the intersection of technology and design.

STEPH: How did you and Tim get started?

GRETCHEN: While touring new homes in 2003, Tim and I noticed that technology was creeping into the bathroom, but somewhat unsuccessfully. There simply was no clean way to insert a TV without it eating up counter space, much less eliminating a hazardous tangle of electrical cords and cables in a moist environment. It sparked our interest in creating a design-forward bathroom TV solution. We ordered materials, created a workspace in our garage and fashioned the first Séura vanishing television mirror.
Our initial product application in the bathroom focused on design. Bathrooms were functional but becoming a personal statement of a spa-like sanctuary in the home. Hotels were also embracing lavish amenities. In developing a television mirror with lighting for a hotel, a frugal budget revision unexpectedly eliminated the TV from the mirror. This cost-cutting measure resulted in our very first Séura Lighted Mirror.

That new discovery led us to approach innovation with fresh eyes looking beyond the existing constraints of technology and design. Indoor waterproof televisions, outdoor televisions and entertainment TV mirrors all resulted from a keener creative focus on possibilities.

Gretchen and Tim Gilbertson

Gretchen and Tim Gilbertson

bathroom vanity

The speed of improvements in technology is racing forward at a rapid pace. We anticipate dramatic advancements in television picture quality and clarity. Performance in outdoor TVs will be enhanced for any outside lighting environment. LEDs are constantly excelling in brightness and efficiency. All of these giant steps will be accomplished with even greater environmental sustainability and elevated design options.

STEPH: Talk about your design goals.

GRETCHEN: Séura tries to stay a step ahead of design trends. That requires not only a watchful eye but a willingness to collaborate with other inventive designers; such partnerships often fuel inspired ideas! Our unique mirror shapes and metal frames illustrate this – turning the angle and adding a new perspective to the design aesthetic. Our new in-mirror touch buttons are another asset in allowing the user to control the light and integrated technology at the slightest touch.

Séura Lighted Mirrors are built with bright, eco-friendly LED technology that offers natural color with evenly diffused light to brighten and smooth the appearance. Our lighted mirrors are a bathroom essential but are often shifting into bedrooms and dressing rooms. Having the proper task lighting in the mirror is vital – that means projecting light on the face from the mirror instead of using wall sconces or overhead lighting. Séura’s new capacitive touch buttons allow for convenient control from the mirror to adjust light brightness and color temperature and is certainly an asset for the make-up maven in the house.

Séura provides the solutions to help designers and integrators close the gap between technology and design. The appetite for clean, convenient and cool solutions is in high demand. We’re continuously improving our product portfolio to meet designer demands for technology in a sleek, sophisticated way.

Seura full-length lighted mirror

STEPH: I love your new Full-Length Mirror; how did this new product come about?

GRETCHEN: Modern design is embracing the full-length mirror, whether it’s in the corner of a bathroom, bedroom or walk-in closet. Séura’s Full-Length Lighted Mirror illuminates you from head to toe, so your make-up, outfit and shoes are perfectly lit and reflected long before you rush out the door to your next event.
We designed the mirror in the popular 18-inch wide x 60-inch high mirror size, with ample lighting that illuminates from top to bottom. We’re excited to introduce Séura’s new, eco-friendly Radiant LED Technology™ with this product to offer brighter and more sustainable lighting than ever before. Plus, we incorporated new Touch Control Dimming so the user can adjust brightness directly from the mirror and curate the desired atmosphere. Finally, we added installation convenience – the mirror comes with a 6-foot cord for easy plug-in installation, or it can be configured for hard-wire installation.

The mirror projects light forward, eliminating dark spots and shadows in your reflection. LEDs are tightly packed together for higher light density that illuminates smoothly and evenly, providing uniform lighting while eliminating the need for add-on diffusers. And it uses less energy and consumes 44 percent less power than previous Séura LEDs.

STEPH: Final thoughts?

GRETCHEN: Collaboration with inventive designers fuels our innovation process. It drives our products to ever-higher levels of ingenuity and reinforces our creative purpose in bridging design and technology. We enjoy the challenge that designers bring to us and want to keep seeing their unique design requests.

Seura full-length lighted mirror

Stephanie Casimiro
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