Smog Armor bucket and leaf

Smog Armor, Part 2

NEWS – MAY 2021

Smog Armor, Part 2

What could possibly be next after introducing a paint that removes CO2 from the air?

By Steve Panosian

Smog Armor bucket and leaf

TD MAGAZINE REPORTED in our winter 2021 print issue the revolutionary air pollutant absorbing paint introduced by Smog Armor that solves for dramatically reducing VOC and CO2 levels in both the home and business environments. Driven to address the impact on air quality we breathe through groundbreaking innovative approaches, Smog Armor truly allows us to breathe a sigh of relief each time they introduce something new.

It was evident during the first interview with Smog Armor founder Tim Sperry and Adam Huss, VP of Strategy, that the company has its eyes set for more than improving the air quality of home and business microenvironments. One could only guess what they were working on next and in speaking with them today TD Magazine is rather excited to share the company plans for products and initiatives that expand upon doing their part in combating pollutants and CO2 levels in the environment that surrounds us. The genesis of Smog Armor’s development of air purification solutions all began with developing a car exhaust filter solution affixed to a tailpipe. Well, imagine an air filter many times this size cleaning undesired elements from the air for the home, businesses and public spaces.

When you consider other global perspectives, scientists are finding that space junk and climate change are connected in ways many researchers never expected. A new study presented recently at a European Space Agency conference about rising carbon dioxide levels in the upper atmosphere could mean space junk will increase 50 times by the year 2100. That is because as space junk gets pulled into the atmosphere it is supposed to burn up inside the lower levels. Increased carbon dioxide is causing the upper atmosphere to become less dense, so it will not burn debris as effectively. It is trends like this that motivates visionaries like Tim Sperry in striving for solutions that play an important part in reducing CO2 levels in our atmosphere that will go beyond air quality.

Here, Tim and Adam share three fascinating developments that expand on their specialty paint introduced last year that immediately begins cleaning the air you breathe, with no VOCs, dramatically reduced CO2 levels, and peace of mind enjoyment of healthier indoor air quality. Everything we do today involves being conscious of our carbon footprint and everything we do and spend our time and resources on must result in lowering what we generate into the atmosphere that surrounds us.


Tim Sperry

Smog Armor CO2

Adam Huss
VP of Strategy

STEVE: Please tell us about the new Smog Armor anti-bacterial paint.

ADAM: Our new line of paint, which we will be releasing soon, includes our carbon capture technology and adds an antimicrobial agent which reduces 99.99 percent of Staph and 99.97 percent of E. coli. This paint builds on improving air quality and the removal of CO2 and VOCs.

STEVE: Can you share how it works?

TIM: In addition to the antimicrobial properties of our special carbon capture technology we add a more specific and effective antimicrobial agent that specifically reduces different bacteria and microbes. What you will find in each of the test reports, our paints have an immediate and measurable improvement of air quality.

STEVE: Share with us the new Carbon Capture Technology that Smog Armor plans to commercialize?

TIM: The Carbon Capture arm of our business is called Carbon Limit. We have reformatted the carbon capture technology and created the first portable and solar powered Direct Air Capture machine that removes CO2 directly from the atmosphere and traps it into our filter media. We are working on scaling the design so we can offer solutions for the home, business, stationary outdoor and mobile designs for public venues.

STEVE: What is done with the filters once saturated with CO2?

TIM: We are arranging to sell the “spent” filter to cement companies that will mix it with the concrete made for the roads we drive and walk on every day. These filters will not end up in a landfill.

STEVE: You mentioned a competition – can you share how Smog Armor is participating and who is involved?

TIM: Yes, we are finalists in a prestigious competition in Florida with Carbon Limit Co. for our Carbon Capture machines and technology, and we are also joining XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition sponsored by the MUSK Foundation.

STEVE: Why is all this work so important – Smog Armor appears to be driven by a deadline.

ADAM: By 2028, we are aiming to address the looming Carbon Budget which we are quickly approaching the end of. As we showcased in our previous work with the UN SDG Action Campaign, the countdown is not stopping and there has been minimal done to slow it down. That has now become the quest we are on at Smog Armor.

TIM: Correct, and because of that we are committed to our goal of reducing 1 billion tons of CO2 by 2028 to save the world billions of dollars of impact costs to our families, businesses and governments, as well as to benefit the environment and everything in it!

STEVE: We really appreciate your sharing the fruits of your commitment to cleaner air. Any final thoughts for today?

ADAM: It is our mission to significantly reduce air pollution and with our innovations, create a simple solution that everyone on Earth can easily apply to their lives, by doing something as simple as painting your home or office.

TIM: We offer the simplest solution to improving indoor air quality without changing anyone’s habits and we are working on Decarbonizing the World with Carbon Limit’s carbon capture technology. Together we can end air pollution.

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