StruXure Cabana in Nevada

Put Some StruXure Into Your Life

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Put Some StruXure Into Your Life

Founder Scott Selzer gives us some insight on StruXure’s latest product launch, the Cabana X.


StruXure Cabana X in Nevada

STURDY. LUXURIOUS. INNOVATIVE. These are the words that come to mind when I think of StruXure. I was re-reading architect Wayne Visbeen's article we ran last year about how he designs outdoor spaces and his love of the StruXure and Phantom Screen products. I'm looking at doing something similar in my new beach house, so as I was doing research I decided to ring up Scott Selzer, the founder of StruXure, to get some insight on their latest product launch, the Cabana X.

Scott, who is also the CEO and Chief Product Architect, was a middle-school teacher in Atlanta who had a part-time gig doing home remodeling work. When he couldn't find an outdoor shade structure up to his standards he decided to develop one himself, and the modern-day pergola was born.
His side business was initially called Schools Out Construction but quickly grew to a full-time profession that took on an industry by improving the product's very nature and developing a legion of happy customers who spread the word. Fast forward to 2021, and with pergolas and cabanas from StruXure, homeowners are able to customize the shape and size to fit their unique needs. For example, no need to build a new addition to have a front porch, a pergola from StruXure can be customized to fit your needs. From talking with Scott, I got the impression that "Yes" was the word they preferred over any other when it came to fulfilling customer requests.

Scott was a middle-school teacher in Atlanta; when he couldn't find an outdoor shade structure up to his standards he decided to develop one himself, and the modern-day pergola was born.


One of the key features for any outdoor construction project, especially in climates like where I live in Florida, with hurricanes and moisture and creepy-crawlers, is that the structure has to be rigorously built to withstand years of harsh exposure to the elements.

All pergolas and cabanas from StruXure are designed to meet typical nasty weather components like high wind and heavy rainfall. The Cabana X louvers are removable during storms, while the Pergola X is a more permanent solution where this is not necessary. And all products are manufactured in the USA. From hurricanes to snow loads, each pergola is engineered to withstand the test of time in all weather conditions and enhance the outdoor experience.

The thing I like about how the pergolas and cabanas are designed from StruXure is their award-winning pivot design that gives a 170-degree range of motion to the louvers. You can sit outside, enjoying the rain on those balmy Florida afternoons while staying dry, and with side screens incorporated, you really get to experience indoor-outdoor living. And with the pivot-six slide, you can pivot the louvers in order to see the full sky on those starry, starry nights.

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When I think of luxury, my mind pretty much zeroes in on a particular product's touch and feel. You know it when you are holding it in your hands if that makes sense. From a design point of view, you just know when the design has been well thought out and the subtleness of the curves and linearity draw the eye in a pleasing manner. And of course, since we are talking about a structure, you can tell when something is well-built and sturdy.

Another aspect of luxury and a luxury experience is being able to optimize your investment. The options available and the willingness of the company to work with their clients is another example of StruXure's philosophy in offering a complete solution that meets client expectations. Scott compared it to buying a car and deciding what options you'd prefer to make your investment a personal one.


With people spending more time at home due to COVID-19, they are looking to remodel their spaces, and many want to be outdoors while staying comfortable. And they want options to personalize the experience. And that's where StruXure has taken innovation to the next level.

The Cabana X offers motorized adjustable louvers that are powered by Somfy, with premium finishes and controlled LED lighting. With their App, you can get environmental and weather detection alerts. They offer interchangeable panels, including a Power Panel where you can mount a TV, as well as a foldable day couch that is in the works.

You can incorporate curtain rods and Sunbrella® curtains, architectural corbels for an elegant finish, slat/solid/or decorative panels, and two totally cool premium finishes – The Aspen, which is a walnut woodgrain powder finish, and The South Beach, which is a teak woodgrain powder finish.
Best of all, the new Cabana X is really designed to give homeowners options as to how to envision their own indoor-outdoor space. You can have a yoga studio in the morning, a classroom in the afternoon, and a dining room at night. Think of it as a blank canvas that you can adapt to be whatever you need it to be. And that's a very neat concept, as it allows the homeowner to be a part of the innovative experience.

final thoughts

I think I'm pretty much like other homeowners. I want to maximize my space and add more functionality. Living in Florida affords me plenty of time in near-perfect weather conditions. But let's be frank, there are months where it's not so nice outside. An investment in a high-performance pergola or cabana that can be enjoyed year-round and that incorporates technology and customizable features will certainly enhance my space and add to my home's value. In fact, I think I need to put a little structure into my life!