KBIS Update: GE Monogram


KBIS Update: G.E. Monogram

For the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), Monogram hosted an informative virtual event.

By Cris pyle

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AS COVID CONTINUES TO DISRUPT the staging of many live events, Design & Construction Week, the co-location of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the International Builders' Show (IBS), was held virtually from February 10-12, 2021. KBIS Virtual unfortunately experienced technical issues with the exhibit hall, but much of the other programming was accessible.

Monogram hosted the virtual event “How Convenience Translates to the Ultimate Luxury with Jean Stoffer.” Jean is an interior designer and owner of Jean Stoffer Design in Grand Rapids, MI; she began her career in kitchen design and says she still has “special affection” for that space.

A peek at her Instagram (@jeanstofferdesign) demonstrates her elegant style, timeless designs, and “passion for European-inspired kitchens.” She opened a brick and mortar and e-commerce store, Stoffer Home , and recently launched a cabinetry line.

The talk centered around appliances and Jean’s use of Monogram throughout her new home. The “new” home is actually the 121-year-old Madison mansion, which started out as a flip project with a partner, but three years later, after a full-scale renovation, became the Stoffer family home.


In the home, Monogram appliances were installed in the kitchen, a secondary kitchenette in the basement entertaining area, and another small kitchenette on the third floor which serves as home office space and guest quarters. One of her favorite uses of an appliance in the renovation was the beverage refrigerator installed in the master suite area. She said, “Once you experience it, you are going to want it.”

She believes these auxiliary spaces will only grow in the years ahead, particularly with people continuing to work from home. Jean said that it is nice to set up the office so you can have lunch there and grab a drink so there is separation from work to home.

Her process focuses on understanding client aspirations and needs, and truly understanding “where they do what” even if they can’t easily articulate it. Jean said that she expects even more interest in creating comfort and convenience at home and that she sees people spending what would have been travel dollars on renovations, especially in the kitchen. With people “cooking at home five times as much,” there is also a stronger focus on equipment performance.

And whether you call it a scullery, back kitchen, or good ol’ pantry, this space is taking on a more important role in housing appliances like freezer columns, wine fridges, bar sinks, and secondary dishwashers.

Joined by her son Dan Stoffer, they ended the session with a tour of the newest venture called The Bradbury, a coffee shop and café within the home goods store.

Learn more about how Monogram is incorporating technology in the connected kitchen with its SmartHQ .

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