New MICRO LED Displays

Samsung announces their cutting-edge new displays.


THE WALL. It was circa 2018 at the CES show in Las Vegas that Samsung’s new generation TV display made its debut and captured the limelight. This name gained traction and evolved as an umbrella for a new generation of massive sized displays. The Wall, as it was introduced, had brandished all the techno buzz attracting every video enthusiast’s attention. Boosting 4K UHD picture resolution, rendering in Digital Cinema Color, and blasting super bright HDR performance with virtually no glare that more than competes with bright room light. Then there is its aesthetics… its mere one-inch cabinet depth, all-picture bezel-less frame, and when not viewing movies or sports there is an art mode that transforms this captivating sized display to seemingly melt into a room’s décor.

Introduced as a 146-inch 4K display, design-wise it was an amazing engineering triumph. A mere 1-inch depth and a 16 modular “Lego – building block” assembly resulted in covering a wall with a video screen. This modular approach provided the flexibility in filling any wall space with a combination of cabinet configurations, making it possible to build the sky-is-the-limit 64-cabinet 8K 292-inch screen inside an exceptionally large room. The modular design made it easier to assemble these super screens as opposed to handling one huge display. Although it requires a sophisticated installation, the result is nothing less than a jaw-dropping visual experience.

In just three years, Samsung delivered on its promise, announcing their new 110-inch MICRO LED in a more traditional TV form for the first time. Unlike its modular counterpart, installation and calibration is streamlined since the new 110-inch MICRO LED model is prefabricated — offering stunning video, audio and smart capabilities out of the box.

Previously, mass-producing a MICRO LED screen as small as 110 inches for simple home installation was not possible. The new breakthrough manufacturing innovation opens the door for Samsung to produce even smaller MICRO LED models in the future. Designers, architects, and technology designers will soon have more options to offer even more consumers the breathtaking MICRO LED experience.

What’s beyond impressive is that this new generation MICRO LED display expresses 100 percent of the Digital Cinema P3 and Adobe RGB color standards. P3 color is important for Blu-ray and streaming 4K with HDR movies but it also adds the ability to display most accurately the wide color gamut images taken with high-end and professional DSLR cameras. This results in stunning, lifelike colors and accurate brightness from the display’s 8.3-million-pixel 4K resolution. Architects, designers, and professional photographers will love how this display renders an Adobe RGB color image on its screen.

For the sports-minded audiences and gamers, imagine this large display accurately presenting up to four sources of content simultaneously. The four quadrants of the display are 55-inch split screens (2 x 2 configuration). When using this feature, viewers can connect multiple external devices and enjoy watching news, movies, and other apps simultaneously on one screen. This allows watching multiple sports at once, or streaming a walkthrough while playing a video game, all in stunning picture quality and size.

These new generation MICRO LED displays will also be made available in a 98-inch and 88-inch diagonal screen size. Like the 110-inch, they are designed to be wall-mounted, but an optional stand is available for those looking to place it on a riser, tabletop or a custom wall unit shelf.


January 2021 News