Paint That Purifies

a new generation of interior paints features air purification properties without adding to the electric bill.


OVER THE LAST YEAR, TD Magazine has featured several articles and newsletters about air purification in the context of heathier micro-environments and net-zero sustainable energy designed office buildings and homes. In the context of power consumption considering the net-zero design equation, we dedicated an article featuring air-purifying plants that supplemented air filtration solutions without driving up the electric bill.

We all agree that healthy fresh air contributes to the improvement in productivity and overall health whether we are talking about the time spent at home or at the office. The challenge in designing new construction or remodeling are the costs associated with powering the advanced HVAC systems featuring air exchange, air filtration, germicidal remedies, air quality monitoring and custom system control. Balancing comfort, cost, and consumption is a challenging picture to paint and we at TD Magazine can add some color to this subject.

painting for the “health” of it

This newsletter article introduces a new generation interior paint that features air purification properties without adding to the electric bill. Some of these paints deliver an immediate result of up to 95.1 percent reduction of indoor air pollution in one hour. As you would expect, these paints are non-toxic, have Zero-VOCs, and are environmentally friendly in that they do not contaminate landfills or waterways at the end of their life cycle.

Let’s take a look at the stories of three different companies offering air-purifying paints that make our world a healthier place to live.

Smog Armor

Made in Florida, Smog Armor’s new environmentally friendly paint consists of a mineral, zeolite, that actively purifies the air in rooms where applied. The paint removes bad odors and refreshes the air in the painted space. Although marketed as a DIY paint, the company sees a tremendous opportunity leading the charge in the eco-construction and interior design industries that collaborate on delivering net zero designs.

Smog Armor paint is water-based and infused with its enhanced zeolite mineral that attracts and neutralizes harmful air pollutants, VOCs and other airborne chemicals. Absorption of carbon dioxide arguably helps lower the carbon footprint, too. Once saturated, the paint does not release the absorbed toxins back into the air and the estimated life of the paint’s purifying property is about five years. This paint is ideal for entrances, kitchen areas and bathrooms.


ECOS Paints

Better paint, by design. ECOS Paints’ water-based products are uniquely formulated without the harsh chemicals found in conventional paints that often cause headaches, nausea, and worse. Using a unique technology combining sustainable ingredients and a proprietary mixing process, these products deliver best-in-class appearance and enhanced durability – with no harsh fumes or odors.

Handcrafted for You
Customization is in ECOS Paints’ DNA. They offer unlimited color choices through their free color-matching service, along with expert customer support to guide you through the ordering process. All products are made to order at the ECOS manufacturing facility in South Carolina and delivered directly to your door.

Airlite Natural Paint

Airlite is a revolutionary, 100 percent natural technology, which can be applied on internal and external walls just like a normal paint. Airlite is unique because it is the first technology designed and developed exclusively to improve the air quality inside and outside people’s homes and living spaces. Airlite creates a powerful barrier that prevents dirt in the air from settling and, at the same time, eliminates bacteria and prevents the formation of molds and nasty odors. Healthy air improves the environment around us and, as a result, our personal wellbeing.

Proven to be effective at eliminating bacteria, reducing pollutants (such as NOx, SOx, NH3, CO) and lowering painted surface temperatures, Airlite turns the walls of your home into a completely natural air purifier. Applying Airlite on an area of 100 square meters reduces air pollution in the same way as planting 100 square meters of forest. Airlite paint is guaranteed for 10 years. Airlite aims to create a world with clean and unpolluted air, just as nature intended it.