New from Séura

news - December 2020

New from Séura

customized shapes, sizes and lights let you tailor your mirrors to your exact specifications.

Seura Lighted Mirror

THE NEW ROUNDED RECTANGLE MIRRORS from our buds at Séura caught our eye. They let you create a more personalized bathroom with lighted mirrors.

Now available as standard mirrors in the Séura family, this top trending design element offers soft contrast to typical sharp corners of the bathroom while producing the best professional lighting. Séura Rounded Rectangle Lighted Mirrors are available in five popular etched designs, 14 standard sizes and unlimited customization options.


Seura rounded lighted mirror

See yourself in the best light

Séura lighted vanity mirrors create the best environment for makeup application or that last check before you go out into the world. Direct light is evenly distributed across the face, allowing you to apply makeup with precision without working around shadows. 95+ CRI (color rendering index) LEDs provide the best color-accurate light for bathroom tasks. And color temperature of 3000K offers comfortable, clear and enhancing light.

Create a more personalized bathroom mirror

You can now choose your exact mirror size, specify your preferred dimming configuration, select a different lighting design and enhance your vanity with tech add-ons like TVs.

So when you want to create truly exceptional vanity lighting, check out the rounded rectangle from Séura. Cool stuff!