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Legrand’s Nuvo and Vantage brands team up to deliver high-fidelity audio distribution and sophisticated lighting control for a Michoacán Lake home.

description of project

LOCATED IN ZAMORA, MICHOACÁN IN MEXICO, Lago del Bosque is an exclusive housing development, offering elegant residences nestled among 10 hectares of green areas with more than 1,800 trees, three lakes and other natural elements. To complement the subdivision’s serene atmosphere, the owners of one lakeside home wanted to create a comfortable and relaxing environment indoors by utilizing audio distribution and lighting control technologies.

the challenge

Whether entertaining guests in the living room or enjoying a morning cup of coffee on the terrace, the homeowners wanted an audio distribution system that would allow them to easily enjoy a wide range of music sources throughout their home. For the convenience of automated lighting, and the creation of the perfect ambiance at the push of a button, they also required a sophisticated but easy-to-use lighting system with sleek keypad controls. To make interacting with their home’s technology as simple as possible, each lighting keypad also needed to provide individual control over the home’s audio and motorized blinds, as well as access to one-touch scenes incorporating two or more of these systems. To meet all of these requirements, integrator DAI Control relied on solutions from Legrand’s Nuvo and Vantage brands.

“Together, Nuvo and Vantage checked all the boxes for this project,” said DAI Control Director Juan Carlos Sandoval Aviña. “Not only does Nuvo deliver exceptional audio quality, but its wireless players provide access to a virtually endless number of music sources. And while Vantage is in a class of its own when it comes to precise lighting control and dimming, it’s also set apart by its ability to integrate with other systems to create a whole-home solution. And with Vantage’s intuitive Design Center software, installation and programming take about half the time of other platforms.”

the solution

Audio distribution in the Lago del Bosque home is provided by Nuvo’s P100 and P200 Player Portfolio wireless players — in combination with 6.5-inch ceiling, stereo ceiling, and outdoor speakers — which allow the homeowners to enjoy networked music collections, internet radio and a wide range of steaming services. Vantage’s InFusion Controller and Standard Dimmer Module deliver precise control over the home’s lighting. The homeowners interact with the lighting system via EasyTouch II backlit modular keypads, which automatically adjust backlighting based on the time of day and allow users to see which buttons are active based on a customizable LED status color change.


DAI Control took advantage of the EasyTouch II’s backlighting to provide intuitive control over the homes lighting, motorized blinds, and audio systems on each keypad, in addition to offering access to preset scenes. Using Vantage’s Design Center software, yellow backlighting was assigned to shading control, blue to audio and green to scenes. A selector button at the bottom of each keypad allows users to quickly cycle through colors.

If green is selected, the homeowners have a variety of one-touch scenes at their disposal. For example, with “Party” the home’s lighting accentuates paintings, pictures, stone details, and other aesthetic features, while music begins to play at a low level in the background so guests can chat. With “Good Night,” all music and lights are turned off and blinds are lowered. When leaving the house, “Absent” performs different functions based on the time of day. During daytime all the lights will be turned off and select blinds will be lowered; at night all blinds are lowered and random lights are turned on to simulate occupancy; after 11 p.m. all lights are turned off and the intruder alarm is activated.

the results

“The homeowners couldn’t be more pleased with their Nuvo and Vantage systems,” said Aviña. “They love the abundance of music options and high fidelity audio quality delivered by Nuvo, and the comfort and convenience Vantage provides. And control over these systems — in addition to motorized blinds — couldn’t be easier. Finally, the sleek design of the EasyTouch II keypads tops it all off by perfectly complementing the modern aesthetic of their home. The end result is an extremely satisfied client.”

Project Name: Lago del Bosque Home
Project Location: Zamora, Michoacán, Mexico

About the Dealer:
DAI Control
Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico
Juan Carlos Sandoval Aviña


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