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He Shed, She Shed

news - September 2020

He Shed, She Shed

Custom greenhouses are becoming more popular as clients look for new ways to enhance their stay-at-home time.

By Steve Panosian

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In this new stay-at-home, do-more-at-home, and invest-in-your-home world, clients are contemplating different ideas for improving their quality of life and enhancing the value of their homes. Here’s a category that’s becoming more popular: greenhouses. Whether attached or free-standing, greenhouses can be designed for most anything these days and there are many companies that offer innovative approaches in planning.

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freestanding greenhouse designs

A freestanding luxury greenhouse adds a whole new dimension to an estate’s property. It can be the perfect hideaway for a peaceful escape with plants, hobbies, or just a separate living space that brings the outside in. Free-standing greenhouses allow light in from all sides and have fewer limitations with your surrounding property. With creative landscaping, a greenhouse can become its own destination.


Create an outdoor space that invites you to stay. There are countless design ideas to maximize your home-attached greenhouse. Forget an expensive home addition. A home-attached greenhouse can be your answer to extra living and growing space for less than half the cost. While considered a three-season space in cooler climates, there are many benefits to adding more light to your home.

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custom greenhouses

A custom greenhouse is possible with modifications to many standard greenhouse designs. Many custom manufacturers can build a greenhouse to order, and each greenhouse kit can be accessorized to meet each customer’s needs. For highly custom greenhouse situations, it is best to have a standard design in mind to start from. Special greenhouse sizes and modifications can be made to work around house styles, existing foundations, or other special needs. Many greenhouse designers will work directly with your design-build team to come up with workable modifications for your greenhouse.

kitchen extensions

A kitchen extension can provide additional dining area that is perfect for easy access to the healthy herbs, fruits, and vegetables that you will grow. Root vegetables like beets, carrots, and potatoes as well as winter lettuces are possible in the colder months of the year too.

garden extensions

A garden extension is ideal for those wintering over their tender plants with ease. Easy access to water can make life with your greenhouse much more convenient.

sunroom extensions

A sunroom extension becomes the most loved room in the home as people naturally gravitate to light. Make it work for you and take advantage of solar gain especially with a south facing greenhouse.

greenhouse construction

greenhouse construction

Greenhouse construction varies depending on how you want to integrate its design into your home. Solar Innovations' manufacturing portfolio, one of the companies we provide links at the bottom of this article, uses glass or polycarbonate structures that are primarily used for growing plants. Solar’s durable aluminum greenhouse structures are built to last a lifetime and can be engineered in any size, shape, and configurations to fit every individual’s needs. As we mentioned earlier, custom plans are offered too.


some recommended greenhouse designers

Hartley Botanic

Hartley Botanic USA office is in Woburn, Massachusetts, and other locations world-wide. Explore design ideas, custom greenhouses, designed around the compelling new norm of home growing plants and vegetables.

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Located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania Solar Innovations offers many Greenhouse and Sunroom Structural Plans. The company roots and history date back to the ‘50s.


Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Manufacturing Company, of Portland, Oregon has been building the highest quality handcrafted redwood and glass greenhouse kits available for over 60 years.

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