Publishers’ Letter – Spring 2020

It’s time to refill your pipelines as the country tries to return to the old normal.

WHAT WAS THAT OLD CHESTNUT ABOUT OPPORTUNITY? “Opportunity only knocks once.” Remember that? Well, we think there is going to be a lot of opportunity coming out of the pandemic crisis, and our advice is to get ready to re-fill your pipelines as the country tries to return to the old normal.

We appreciate the fact that almost all of you have been impacted adversely by the novel coronavirus. Our industry has certainly been hit hard, but there are also numerous success stories we hear about on a daily basis – technology design firms who have stayed busy updating and upgrading home IT networks and homeowners wanting to discuss clean air and purified water strategies. So its important that design-build teams work together to get these topics in front of those clients who might have pushed their projects because of the pandemic, but are prepared to get back to their remodel or new build as the situation becomes more stable and predictable.

And let’s not forget that we’re entering the summer months when everyone is desperate to get outside and enjoy the weather! We’re predicting a huge surge in outdoor entertainment projects as well as indoor make-overs for those who have been cooped up and thinking about how they might re-do their kitchen or entertainment spaces. So, again, there is opportunity in the market and business on the horizon that you all intend on bidding for.

Technology Designer has not been dormant during the pandemic. In fact, just the opposite. Our monthly newsletter continues to grow and our talented writing team keeps upping their game with articles ranging from How Clean is Clean Enough? to Trends That Will Drive Innovation to indirect lighting design to automated shading to tips on reducing eye strain when logging increased screen-time to air purification basics. You can find all of those articles and more in the News section of or simply subscribe to get our monthly e-newsletter.

We are also fielding more inquiries than ever on topics we cover in the magazine and newsletter and what you are looking for in the future. Our role as educators is not lost on us. So continue to reach out to our editorial team with ideas and concepts and what you want us to write about and explore. Technology keeps evolving at an exponential pace, which means you need to stay up to date on the latest trends.

Which ties back to opportunity. We hope all of the technology designers who are reading this take to heart the opportunity to re-establish your lunch-and-learns and bring your design-build partners up to speed on the latest technologies that impact the performance home. Let’s stay current and get our message about enhanced lifestyles, healthier homes, and intuitive living out to the general public.

Stay well!

Technology Designer