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Editor’s Letter – Spring 2020


First Thoughts

we see lots of remodeling and technology face lifts coming.

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Greetings. I was rifling through some vinyl trying to find just the right vibe for a distanced wine tasting event when I happened upon The Doors second studio album from 1967, Strange Days. “Strange days have found us. Strange days have tracked us down.” Strange days indeed. With most of the population experiencing significant home time, my tea leaves are pointing to some major remodel work and technology face lifts this summer and fall as we begin to emerge from our sanitized hiberspaces.

And so our work continues at Technology Designer. We kick off this issue with another high-level look at the intersection where technology meets design. Robert Heiblim discusses the upsides and the downsides of DIY tech, while Gordon van Zuiden takes us on a tour of his experience center known as the cyberManor.

Bill Hensley is back with a prescient article about energy management and some of the communities being developed and designed from the ground up with solar capture and battery storage. Acoustician Steve Haas and real estate developer Jerry Bermingham bring us a terrific collaborative article on quieting one’s environment. And we profile a few Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) award winning projects and the association’s global reach.

Known suspects with great writing chops are back to update everyone on the latest technology trends impacting performance homes. Lindsay Bull discusses IT networking and how to properly manage Wi-Fi in a residential space, while David Warfel is back with more on lighting design. Steve Panosian talks about purified water strategies and George McClure shares his views on how to get the right content to those hi-tech TVs and audio streaming systems.

A trend I know will not only continue but expand as well is the design of more versatile media rooms. As displays continue to expand in size, so do the opportunities to use those spaces for more than just movies or sporting events, with rigid fixed seating. Get your Peleton bike out front and center on your 100-inch+ screen, or do your yoga classes in real time in real size and space. The media room is transforming into the home business center, the kid’s schoolroom and the virtual cocktail meeting place. And so we share one of the coolest display technologies from our friends at LG Electronics, the ultra short throw projector.

We wrap up the spring issue with Jason Takahashi’s erudite observations regarding inclusive design and Stephanie Casimiro takes a positive look at how the design-build community can be planning and working together to emerge stronger, better and more disciplined.

Performance home strategies that we cover, ranging from clean air, purified water, properly designed lighting, acoustic control, resplendent audio and video, voice command – these are topics that are resonating right now in the marketplace. Discuss them with your clients and let’s build a better world via the places we all call home.

Let’s go see where technology meets design.



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