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HiFrame: A Designer’s New Best Friend

news - January 2020

HiFrame: A Designer's New Best Friend

Unique and highly customizable options for video concealment that can accommodate displays up to 110” diagonal.

By Steve Panosian

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DESIGNERS WORK WITH THEIR CLIENTS to set a mood for each room in their homes by choosing the right colors, textures, furniture, lighting, art, plants and all the accessories that bring each room to light. Everything is picture perfect, then comes the TV. Despite using the latest designs of precise wall mounting solutions that are virtually gap-less, what hangs on the wall is a big black empty space, a sort of buzzkill for many. HiFrame, a manufacturer of high-quality mirror technology and colored glass, offers a transformative solution that hides the TV by using a compelling design alternative suitable for most every room in the home.

HiFrame allows the TV to become an art-viewing experience

Imagine a mirror on the wall or a colored glass surface that blends into the room’s décor. Hidden behind this glass surface is a TV. Any TV. Any brand and almost any size. Using the remote control or voice command, the TV turns on and magically appears.

HiFrame’s product offerings take everything to another level by allowing the designer to present clients with numerous options. The TVs can be mounted behind a mirror that hangs on the wall or behind built-in colored glass flush with the cabinetry. HiFrame also offers the ability to custom laser cut a custom-designed mirror.

HiFrame also offers a design idea for a built-in video fireplace that rests behind a black colored glass cabinetry.

HiFrame Living Room TV on
HFrame Living Room TV off

HiFrame designs and portfolio

HiFrame USA specializes in the luxury design of television screens. HiFrame technology ensures high-quality viewing with specially designed glass for a whole new level of entertainment mixed with beauty. Their screens can be installed anywhere, in your home or business, to create the dream entertainment situation.

HiFrame Online Gallery and HiFrame Online Catalog : See different glass and mirror designs, TV “ON” vs. TV “OFF” simulations, and many different room placement examples.

HiFrame for Hospitality
HiFrame LED Lighted Mirror features a polished edge mirror that hangs on the wall. A frosted 1.5” wide stripe on each side lets bright LED light through the glass. Easy hanging system uses an invisible trim providing a sturdy waterproof final product. Certified for commercial as well as residential applications.

Recent Installation - Holiday House Hamptons | June 2019
The Hamptons Holiday House is an annual event whose proceeds benefit Breast Cancer Awareness. The picture below shows the room designed by Melanie Roy, which features the HiFrame Razar model. This beautiful mirror design conceals a 65″ TV and includes custom wood painted side panels. The Razar is 65″ wide x 47″ high x 3.25″ deep. It’s your TV for viewing when on and it’s a magnificent mirror, that completes the design of any room, when the TV is off.

Holiday House Hamptons HiFrame