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In this revolutionary process, the shell of the home is constructed in panels in Germany, then shipped to the U.S. to be finished on site.


Davinci Hause traditional home

80 YEARS OF TRADITIONAL TIMBER BUILDING is a promise of quality that is not often found in the construction industry. And that’s what makes Davinci houses unique. With distinctive architecture and timeless design, they are individually tailor-made to suit each client. Our company’s goal is to ensure that not only the house, but the whole land can be transformed into living space. Home and garden have a natural symbiosis in our conceptualization of the modern home.

Our company name is based on the philosophy of Leonardo da Vinci. The universal genius made it his personal mission to identify the principles be¬hind objects and to visibly recreate them. Davinci Haus wants our clients to be absolutely thrilled from the very first contact with our company. Each team member is committed daily and feels personally responsible for maintaining the utmost quality in their work.

Let us share with you our story and our vision of sustainable flexibility and the balance of the living space newly realized—space, light, texture, and acoustic design. And let us also say that we are actively looking for design-build partners across the country who want to join us in bringing an exciting new build concept to the community.

Davinci Haus modern home
Traditional home, pool and deck


Refined from a 250-year tradition of the post and beam school of architecture, our roots began in Germany with a home-building company called Planen-Bauen-Wohnen. A young carpenter, Anton Hammes, joined the company and started working as an assembly manager for the company.

One of the suppliers to the company was the Westerwalder Sagewerk sawmill located in Elben, which even today is the manufacturing site for Davinci Haus. As you can see, our traditional roots run deep. Fast forward a few decades and in 1981 a show house near Frankfurt was presented to the public—the first true Davinci Haus.

History was created again when Davinci Haus established itself in the USA in 2015, led by Anjali Gupta and Punit Chugh. Davinci Haus USA’s mission is to provide the most efficient and complete client experience when it comes to building spaces. Davinci Haus USA sets benchmarks in its delivery, starting with the highest quality products with fully controlled build time and costs.


Modern cubic house

form and functionality

More than an eco-conscious house, our mission is to give our clients a luxurious experience of the purest form. Imagine stepping into an environment that has the warm feeling of coming home, and where the craftsmanship, space and light have an elevated sophistication and exquisite design.

We begin the design-build process at the architectural level. Davinci provides complete personal architectural planning. As we expand out of New York and across the country, clients may choose to use their own architectural service to fit the local design look of any given neighborhood or area. Areas such as Aspen or Beverly Hills have their own style of design and we plan to work with local architects to capture the essence of the client’s design vision. Additionally, clients may choose to use a local landscape architect to site the property and develop the landscaping scenario.

energy performance

Our goal is to master the art of incorporating stringent energy performance metrics into our homes, including integrated solar, eco-friendly heat pumps, highly rated perimeter insulation and triple thermal window glazing on floor-to-ceiling windows. Our design exceeds the very stringent European codes we have built to over the years, and in fact they are much more rigorous than those in the United States. Think of our homes as passive home performance technology.

Davinci Haus construction 1
Davinci Haus construction 2

the build

When we sit with a client and come to an agreement on the design and size of the home, we then fix the costs. Meaning, once the agreement is signed, the costs never varies. Fixed costs mean you never go over budget!

All building materials are engineered and assembled in Germany. The house is then installed and finished in the USA with local craftsman and suppliers. The integration of space, design, quality materials, and the execution of crisp detailing by master craftsmen produces genuine architecture. There are no extraneous parts, just the essentials.

Internal components are sourced and installed locally, leveraging local experience and knowledge to meet codes and regulations that surpass both structural requirements and energy efficiency expectations.

Davinci Haus kitchen
Davinci Haus bathroom

secure timeline and guaranteed performance

The real magic of our design-build process is that we guarantee delivery of the completed home in just 32 weeks. The shell of the home is constructed in panels by our German crew, then shipped to the U.S. to be installed and finished on site.

HIGHEST QUALITY We are a fully integrated company and our Davinci production team builds each panel to the client’s exacting standards. We use our trained and certified crews to ensure consistent quality through an elaborate Qa Qc program.

BUILD TIME Built in 32 weeks or less, we are always creating absolute certainty in delivering projects, the only caveat are delays created by finish selections and custom choices as determined by the owner/architect.

COST All our projects are built to client choice and specifications and we determine a fixed cost right at the start of the project. Our costs are clear, transparent and accurate right from the start.

PERFORMANCE Davinci Haus USA has the best energy performance and lowest maintenance cost compared to any home in the industry, delivering the highest value per dollar across the life cycle cost of the project.

FLEXIBILITY Our panelized construction method gives clients the flexibility to add or partially renovate a project in a cost-effective manner compared to a traditional build. We are also able to pull apart the Davinci panels and entirely relocate your project if the need arises in the future.

ARCHITECTURE Davinci Haus USA can build to any architectural style and preference, from modern to classical, making each solution bespoke, customized and personal.

TECHNOLOGY Our build seamlessly integrates with modern technology, from home automation solutions to wireless access to control of every feature of your project. We have successfully delivered across some of the most challenging situations and projects.

Great room with TV on wall

partnering across the USA

We plan on growing our footprint across the United States. We have partnered with Sothebys International to ensure market reach and introductions to clients in new markets. We are looking for partners who find synergies in our offering and look to expand their specialty with their clients as part of a complete solution; starting from architectural design, construction-project management, trades that provide services on a project like technology designers, engineers, painters, and special trades to name just a few.



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