The Wall by Samsung

greatness doesn’t happen randomly — it comes from years of hard work and unquenchable passion




Samsung has created a revolutionary video display system known as The Wall. We believe it represents a quantum leap in video display design and is poised to revolutionize how we look at spaces and how we interpret them.

Imagine entire walls coming to life with imagery and motion. With detail and color that draws you into the space.

The Wall. All of the cutting-edge elements that go into a great display—picture quality, durability, design — manifested in a singular explosive experience. The Wall brings an awe-inspiring edge to any space. Inspired by emotion. Powered by intelligence. A bold statement. A defining moment.

core technology

Samsung has been a leader in LCD and LED display technologies for years. Those huge scoreboards you see in football stadiums? They use LED technology to deliver those huge images. Samsung has been at the forefront of evolving this technology and is now introducing MicroLED videowall displays that stand to revolutionize large-format display imagery as we know it today. It is a new canvas for architects and designers to work from and another symbol of Samsung’s innovative style.

black is the new black

Black is the essence of detail. And The Wall embodies the very essence of black. The fusion of an exceptionally black base with specialized Black Seal Technology delivers deep black levels for intense contrast and immaculate detail.

Great black working in tandem with great color provides a level of contrast that allows for the display to be viewed in ambient light conditions. MicroLED’s narrower wavelengths of color result in higher color purity — approximately twice what conventional LEDs produce. This renders a far more precise and accurate color presentation. The Wall’s inherent color qualities produce vibrant and natural colors for an awe-inspiring visual experience, bringing the finest details to life.

use whatever content you like

AI upscaling technology delivers visual innovation with no boundaries. No matter what your original source resolution is, The Wall upscales to the highest resolution possible in order to deliver stunning images and video.

The intuitive resolution-to-screen size adjustment capability delivers a perfect view of reality in any size up to 8K resolution for a truly immersive experience. Utilizing machine learning, Samsung has embedded a database of imagery so their AI processor has references for how images and video will look best when upscaled to their highest resolution.


The Wall, similar to large-format LED screens, is based on a modular design. The videowall display consists of a series of individual modules that are seamed together to create a finished layout. Designers have an unlimited amount of options with respect to size and shape.

For The Wall, the maximum 8K resolution screen size measures approximately 12 by 21 feet. These larger-than-life videowall displays are stunning in appearance. We can’t possibly describe the jaw-dropping grandeur of viewing a rolling landscape where you actually feel as if you could walk into the scene.

bring your vision to life

The Wall showcases landscapes and cityscapes, movies, TV, artwork and photography with an elegant design that enthralls you and your guests like never before. Designed for that one-of-a-kind residence that evokes both luxury and technology for an awe-inspiring entertainment and living experience.

Imagine a floor-to-ceiling videowall canvas. Then imagine a 24-hour video loop of inspiring outdoor scenery where you can sit back and watch the clouds roll by and the water ripple across the lake. Imagine a day and evening view from a penthouse in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the foreground. Those video loops would play throughout the day or evening when you are entertaining — transporting you and your guests a million miles away. Or imagine the concept as a statement piece in a corporate lobby or high-end boutique hotel. These are just a few ways we see this technology being deployed by artists, designers and architects.The Wall is not for everyone. Just like a Bugatti isn’t for everyone. It’s an exceptional choice for the most exceptional individual or company. A sophisticated centerpiece for those who place a high value on incomparable shared experiences. Dare to be bold. Dare to dream. Greatness needs a stage.