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Every 2019 Sony TV

news, September 2019

Every 2019 Sony TV

here's a handy reference guide from TechRadar with every Sony TV announced so far — from HD to 8K.

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EVERY 2019 SONY TV: This article by Henry St Leger provides the lowdown on all the current Sony sets...

What's next for Sony TVs? We're now well into the year's schedule of releases, and with IFA 2019 around the corner, we're likely to soon start hearing some new announcements for each Sony TV coming the following year.

But not everything on the 2019 roster has hit shelves, and there's plenty in the Sony TV 2019 range worth paying attention to, with a refresh of LCD and OLED TVs that we've detailed for you below in one handy guide.

massive 8K models

The headline Sony TV is the new massive 8K Master Series Z9G / ZG9 model, in 85- and 98-inch options, and which we awarded five stars (see why in the link above). But for anyone (or everyone) who can't fit that into their homes, there are plenty of new Sony 4K TVs, including additions to the Sony Bravia and Master Series OLED series as well as more mid-range options.

We'll also be seeing an upgrade to last year's entry-level Full HD HDR TV, the WF66, for more modest budgets.

If you want to compare some of the biggest TV makers out there, you can check out our Sony vs Samsung TV guide – or our recent Sony XG95 review for a mid-range LED Sony TV. Otherwise read on for all the Sony TVs we expect to see in 2019 – all kept in one place so you can know your Bravia from your elbow. We'll update this list too going forward, so do check back to see what else has been announced in a few weeks' time.

Sony 2019 TV technology

It's not always about the panel quality when it comes to buying a new TV. But the processor telling the TV what to do is equally – if not more – important.

Sony's next-generation X1 Ultimate processor was first unveiled at CES 2018, and will be powering both high-end Master Series sets and top-range 4K sets we're seeing come out this year. (The 8K set certainly needs it to make regular HD or 4K content look good on all those 33 million pixels.)

The A9G / AG9 OLED is still carrying its predecessor's X1 Ultimate – though the organic OLED display should mean rich visuals regardless.

One step down, the X1 Extreme is now finally entrenched among Sony's mid-range sets, bringing sharper 4K to the X9500G / XG95 and hopefully more besides.

On the audio front, Sony is learning from the Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology it showed off in last year's OLED, with strategically placed drivers across the chassis of the set to deliver more powerful yet compact sound – amid growing demand for in-built audio that doesn't need an external hi-fi system to do it justice.

The more high-end models will 2019 will also use Sony's 'Sound-from-Picture' technology to accurately emit audio from where its source is located onscreen – meaning you when someone speaks, it actually comes from their mouth.