Crestron IP and Voice Control for Apple TV

news, September 2019

Crestron IP and Voice Control for Apple TV

this partnership of two leading innovators produces the ultimate user experience

The NextHaus Alliance

CRESTRON IP AND VOICE CONTROL FOR APPLE TV IS HERE! Only the partnership of two leading innovators could produce a user experience like this, with Apple TV®, Siri®, and HomeKit® technologies integrated flawlessly with Crestron.

available now via Crestron SIMPL Windows programming software

This enhanced partnership gives you the power to take your clients’ user experience and lifestyle to new heights with:

  • IP Control: The ability to browse Apple TV content with lightning-fast IP control via the award-winning TSR-310 touch screen remote

  • Voice Control via Siri: Have Siri find specific content for you with a simple press of the microphone button on the TSR-310 remote and voice command

coming soon to Crestron Home

Launching with OS 3, all of the great benefits of this unique partnership will be in the Crestron Home operating system

  • IP control and voice control through Siri via the TSR-310 in Crestron Home

  • IP control of any user interface, including the TSR-310 Crestron remote and touch screens, and mobile devices

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