Where Luxul Meets Utility


Where Luxul Meets Utility

this lightning-fast wireless system is designed to provide seamless coverage regardless of the residence’s space


Luxul wireless system living room

IN CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE the nation’s first home gigabit-connection Internet came from an unlikely source: the city-owned utility company. Envisioning a connection 200 times faster than the national average, the local provider saw a clear link between volts and bits and decided to expand their power grid to include data. The Internet is without doubt a utility and the vision to see it as such should be applauded. But in today’s smart home IoT world it can also be a massive luxury. When luxury meets technology, it’s usually easy to see. Unless whatever you are looking for is largely invisible to the human eye.

enter Luxul

Luxul is a comprehensive networking solution designed and deployed with custom integration firms and technology designers in mind. When I first started to dig into the Luxul products it felt like most things IT — a little bit dry. Routers, frequency bands, wireless standards, cable types, antennas. It’s all relatively standard across the industry, but upon a deeper dive into Luxul’s offerings I started to notice more ways in which they bring the utility and luxury of a well-designed network to life.

Starting with a free network design consultation, Luxul provides expert resources before the first signal is cast or the first access point is successfully roamed. In perhaps an unfortunate amount of ways, IT hardware only varies so much in its capabilities (often relative to budget) — so a wellspring of potential value lies in preparation, design and ultimately deployment.

Luxul addresses this from the beginning and lays the proper foundation for the connected experience that follows. System integrators can quickly build a wireless kingdom with an intelligent army of routers, switches, connectors, access points and power distribution units based on the network design layout they engineer. If any of the installation is not to spec, Luxul will fill in the gaps with additional equipment that might be needed to complete the specified design.

new Easy Setup mobile app

The Luxul setup I recently had the chance to test included their award-winning Epic 3 wireless router and two new wireless Apex Wave 2 access points. Setting up the Epic 3 is a walk in the park. Luxul’s new Easy Setup mobile app is designed to have the system up and running in a few minutes. Time efficiency equates to costs savings, so that’s certainly a part of the discussion.

Meanwhile, the Apex Wave 2 nearly doubles the maximum data transfer speed while increasing network density by adding support for 802.11ac Wave 2 technology. The access point becomes Roam Assist ready and equipped with 2.4GHz and 5Ghz beamforming signals — all while sporting a sleek, minimal, mountable design. In simple speak, the speed of this wireless system is lightning fast and is designed to provide complete seamless coverage regardless of the residence’s space.





advanced remote monitoring software

Following the actual network assembly, system integrators are just clicks away from enabling advanced remote monitoring software that can notify for off-line service issues and/or update changes to the network.

It’s this beginning-to-end experience that truly defines Luxul as a high-end home networking solution. The hardware is robust in its technical ability and the software features follow suit. Even from an end-user’s perspective, domotz remote monitoring and Router Limits for parental control are a breeze to navigate, especially via the mobile app.

Luxul’s array of tools and support provide a proper foundation to bring any network constellation to life. Get the luxury of utility.

It’s this beginning-to-end experience that truly defines Luxul as a high-end home networking solution.