The New American Home 2019

here’s the winner of this year’s National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) contest



At SUN WEST CUSTOM HOMES we build show houses to walk our clients through so they can see what we have to offer. We recently entered one into competition with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). And guess what? Our entire team was honored by being awarded the New American Home 2019 by the NAHB! It is located in the beautiful community of Ascaya, Nevada, and is currently on the market. The images you see in this article are of that spectacular residence.

company background

Sun West Custom Homes is a concierge design-build company, and our roots run deep in the Las Vegas valley. Our story really begins back in Florida in 1978 where our founder, Cindy Coletti, designed and built distinctive, award-winning homes. You can imagine a woman forging her way in a male dominated business, but she prospered and became known for her creative designs.

Cindy’s son Daniel has been involved since the early stages of the company and developed into a top-notch designer. We moved to the Las Vegas valley in 1989 where Dan Coletti is now the President of Sun West Custom Homes. We continue to pour our energies into designing award-winning homes that are managed by our outstanding staff and team of experienced tradesmen.

I have been a realtor here in the valley for most of my adult life where I met my husband, Carl Martinez, 28 years ago. Carl is the President of Construction for the company and has been with Sun West Custom Homes since 1984.

About six years ago Dan Coletti got his broker’s license and created Sun West Luxury Realty and that is when I brought my license over and joined the team in sales and marketing.

complete design — complete build

Sun West Custom Homes only does one-off, unique homes. We take out a fresh sheet of paper for each and every client. We have a deep understanding of every facet of the design-build process and that is a definite advantage on how we deliver for our clients. One of the things we strive to do is always get it right the first time. When you have clearly defined processes in place, it is easy to change things in the design phase instead of trying to make changes in the field. And that is what makes our approach unique.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients turn-key solutions when it comes to building in the Las Vegas valley. We begin by interviewing the client to see what they are initially building the home for – whether they are going to live in the house or are interested in an investment property. Those early decisions inform us as to the scope of the design.

Our realty can assist in the purchase of the lot and we can even assist in selling any existing property the clients might choose to put on the market. If we catch you in time, we can make sure your dream home can actually fit on that lot! We know the Las Vegas market intimately and providing realty services is part of our design-build process.

Dan Coletti is our architectural designer and his keen awareness of the build process informs his designs. He is aware of the market and what value can be added for the homeowner if they think they may sell and upgrade in four or five years. Dan and our in-house CAD designers produce a complete design and then it is simply a matter of getting engineering stamps to finalize the design process.

We then turn to the interior of the home. Our in-house interior design team comes in very early in the process, as well as the technology designer and electrician. From counter tops to lighting and shading, to finishes and flooring, we work with our clients to realize their vision of the space.


integrating technology

Regarding technology, we pre-wire for every possible scenario. Our clients might not need any particular technology today, but in case they want to add technology down the road, we want the wiring and electrical infrastructure to support any technology upgrades.

Another advantage Sun West Custom Homes provides for our clients is our process of ordering appliances well in advance of the final interior build out. You can’t finalize custom cabinetry until you know the exact dimensions of the appliances and the sinks that are going to go into the counter tops. Once our client chooses their appliances, we order the products and store them in an air-conditioned facility four to six months in advance of final interior build out.

Then we turn to the actual building of the home. And that is where my husband Carl takes over. Our process begins with soil core samples on the property site. Clay, sand and rock-hard caliche make up the majority of soil types found within the Las Vegas valley. Caliche is particularly an issue, so we want to take deep core samples to inform us on the proper siting of the residence. We clear out out loose rock and other gunk once the trenches are dug, before we lay the underground plumbing.

Our construction team develops and implements a variety of innovative, energy-efficient building programs and systems. They utilize a sophisticated quality control manual, which includes an extensive checklist consisting of 87 key items that must pass our high standards. Our entire process, from start to finish takes approximately one and a half years.

after-the-sale services

Once the home is complete, we turn over the keys to the client and let them live in the space for two or three weeks. We then do a walk through and work on any issues they might have. After the first year, we come back and do another walk through and work through any of those issues. We’ve been designing and building homes in Las Vegas for 30 years, so we take exceptional care of our clients.

We even offer Estate Management Services to assist clients after the sale, whether that is making sure the cleaning team can gain access or check to make sure the pool is being maintained properly. We’ve even taken a Ferrari in for an oil change for one of our clients!


When we were gathering our resources for the New American Home, Thermador stepped up and wanted to do the appliances. And they were there for us every step of the way. The installation was perfect, and they spent quality time showing us their Home Connect™ mobile app and walking us through the many features each appliance offered.

We have worked with the very best in kitchen appliances and the Thermador products really impressed us. They were dream partners and the results speak for themselves.

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