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Technology Designer Makes March 2019 Debut


Technology Designer Makes March 2019 Debut

Where Technology Meets Design™ - Bringing the design-build community together with leading residential and commercial technology designers.

Boulder, CO – March 19, 2019 – Technology Designer, a luxury residential design-build community technology resource company announced today the release of their inaugural Technology Designer Magazine and the debut of the website.

The theme of the magazine and website, Where Technology Meets Design™, explores the intersection of where technology and design meet to fulfill luxury homeowner expectations. The magazine’s editor, industry veteran Douglas Weinstein, summed up the expectations for the new enterprise, “There is a thirst for knowledge from the design-build community as it pertains to technology. How technology elevates and enhances lifestyles. Consequently, we believe that technology designers should be a part of every design-build team and brought in at the earliest stage of project development to advise and educate. Our focus is centered on these design-build teams and their work.”

Technology Designer’s management team is led by three industry veterans with decades of experience in the consumer technology industry. Carol Campbell and Eric Schwartz are renowned, award-winning publishers in the space and editor Douglas Weinstein brings his unique vision of emerging technologies to the forefront in this new and exciting venture.

“Technology Designer’s mission is to create a more permanent relationship between the design-build community and the professional technology designer. The innovation and speed of new technology advances, especially as it impacts the smart home, demonstrates the need for a qualified technology designer on every design-build team,” said the publishers. “We are delighted with the support and enthusiasm we’re hearing in the marketplace.”

Collaborating with the Technology Designer team is CATalyzing Communications, who assisted in developing the brand identity, website and overall design aesthetics. Technology Designer’s management team and CATalyzing have collaborated on the delivery of multiple communication and marketing publications seen by virtually all consumer technology industry members.

About Technology Designer LLC

Technology Designer LLC was founded in 2018 in response to the ever-evolving needs of the luxury residential and commercial design-build community. Created by a group of widely-known industry technology veterans, the company produces a quarterly magazine that profiles the world of technology and how it complements today’s home and light commercial design and interiors. Driven by the vision, “Where Technology Meets Design™, the magazine and supporting website, explore the intersection of where these disciplines meet to fulfill luxury home and small business owner expectations.

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Technology Designer Makes March 2019 Debut