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sexy and sleek. a lighting figure you need to know about.

By Stephanie Casimiro


Photo Courtesy of Magleby Estate Homes


Once upon a time... you only had a few options when it came to lighting your living room. There were several sizes of incandescent lights/fixtures (size of the projected beam/flood), several wattages to pick from (level of overall brightness), and if you really wanted to go custom, you could put in a dimmer switch.

Well, today that’s all changed. Just for downlighting purposes your options include a wide range of lighting components and inceiling frames that run the gamut from flood to narrow flood, wall wash to accent lighting.

And that’s not all! With tunable lighting and lighting control systems that allow the homeowner to make on-the-fly changes to their lighting schemes, the complexity of hardware on the market poses a real challenge for lighting and interior designers. Which is why we’ve fallen head-over-heels with DMF’s OneFrame.

The OneFrame is an LED housing that was created with multiple disciplines encoded into its DNA. From residential to multi-family (MDU) to commercial, it’s a cost-effective solution that requires less than 4" of ceiling space. What sets it apart is the versatility and functionality that adds up to a value-add that’s hard to beat.

let’s first consider DMF’s primary led downlights

The DRD2 is a powerful chip-on-board LED that delivers up to 1,000 lumens of general lighting true color representation. The DRD2X incorporates advanced optics for a precise, targeted beam of low glare illumination. The DRD4 incorporates an integral driver and 20°, 30°, and 40° beam options with full 360° directional aiming.

What’s cool about the OneFrame is that their downlights are completely interchangeable. Let’s say you’re a builder and you spec lighting into each of the units in an MDU. Who knows what each resident will opt for when it comes to lighting their space? Now you have the option of installing DMF’s in-ceiling housing and giving the new tenants options when it comes to customizing their environment.

Homeowners also benefit from this modular concept. Who knows when you might choose to switch up any given room décor. With a modular approach to the lighting infrastructure – the actual housing unit – you can change from wall wash to accent lighting in minutes. As customers redecorate their home, the lighting can now seamlessly change as well.

But wait! There’s more! Besides the versatility of offering a modular housing approach to downlighting, DMF has been smart to engineer in some well thought out features that add to the OneFrame’s versatility.





Once installed, the OneFrame has tool-free height adjustment to ensure perfect alignment.

From certified air tightness to insulation contact to minimized sound transmission, the OneFrame is code compliant for use in appropriate fire-related assemblies.

For high-rises, the Concrete Tight OneFrame features spot welded areas and adaptations for poured concrete applications.

The OneFrame is also available with a self-contained battery that charges off of power and can provide lighting for more than 90 minutes after a power failure.

final thoughts

When you think of all the options hitting the lighting market, we think that DMF is on the right track with the OneFrame modular approach to downlight housing units. One frame, many options.


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